Development of the web portal for the Physicians and Surgeons Association of Costa Rica (hereinafter “Association”) as the single entry gate to all services that the Association provides to its members and to users in general.

CMC Web Portal

CMC Web Portal



Costa Rica

Colegio de Médicos

Development of the web portal for the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Costa Rica as the only entry to all the services that the College provides to its members and to the general public.

This was done based on all the technological projects of the College of Physicians, in order to generate a real and plausible technological impact in the Costa Rican health sector.

This single point of entry has a friendly and intuitive interface in such a way that members or visiting citizens who efficiently search for information of interest about the health sector or the provision of services do so quickly in a single and homogeneous site; in this way the user acquired a sensation of permanence in the same place, as well as a totally satisfactory experience browsing through “the CMC Portal”; The portal incorporates the single sign-on system, an authentication procedure (identity verification) that allows the user to access various systems within the private modules of the site with a single login password.

This red portal has two modules depending on the user profile:

The public module

Available to general users. It allows users to enter and consult about subjects of general interest. It includes the following sub-modules:

General information

Professional updating


Administrative procedures

Current events

Virtual store with the on-line payment system

Private module

Accessible to members, it requires entering a single sign-on username and password to have access to some on-line services such as:

Virtual campus (continuous learning through e-learning tools)

Virtual doctor's office (appointment management tools, agendas, electronic record, digital prescriptions, radiology, laboratory, handbook, among others)

Administrative procedures

On-line issuance of certificates

On-line payment

On-line updating of information; an incentive shall be sought for physicians to update their information, after which, our contact center periodically do a rapid scan of databases (twice a year) to make sure that the physicians' information is kept up to date.

Digital signature and others to be defined


Development of a comprehensive and more dynamic platform that will allow members and the public in general to have access to all services that the Physicians and Surgeons Association offers.

Renovation and innovation of the Association's web page.

An increase in the number of on-line services that are offered to members and other users thanks to an innovating, homogeneous site that is compliant with the industry's accessibility, inter-operativity, usability, and efficiency standards.

Adding value to the users of the site through the new technologies.

Facilitate the means of learning to guarantee the updating and continuous education of the Costa Rican medical community.

Access to updates from a common-interest site, and development of new projects that will contribute to the growth of the Association's members in all specialties.

Offer to the public a platform to ask general questions concerning requirements and other medical matters.

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