Telecommunications now


Telecommunications now

The digital disruption process is divided into several stages and it evolves constantly at the same time

The digital disruption process is divided into several stages and it evolves constantly in the telecommunications industry. The challenges implied are structural and operative; they are focused on the creation of new value and novel services, as well as on the intent of converting everything into digital with the evolution of the new 5G model.

It is necessary for telecommunications operators to keep up-to-date and at the same speed as the developments in this area, since their network connectivity services are at the core of all digital activities in progress. This is why telecommunication companies must adapt to new trends and technologies. This is the reason why new operative models have arrived with the objective –in one case– of transforming the classical wholesale business of the telecommunications corporations.

Digital services are now essential in product portfolios that offer new digital service reception areas to new markets –such as those of the traditional verticals– as well as new models that currently include telecommunications. In this model, all cloud communication services are grouped into one, same, unified communications model, which benefits the customer self service.

Arkkosoft is already in the next 5G-mobile communications generation era.

At Arkkosoft, we help you apply more versatile strategies taking into account modernization in the cloud, artificial intelligence and the adoption of flexible work models. At Arkkosoft, we adapt your way of doing business to the different market trends thus, optimizing integrations and applications so they can be used in the new mobile models that are compatible with this technology for the sake of excellence in the web.

Arkkosoft offers intuitive and front-line automation capabilities, as well as a customer assistance service unparalleled in any other automation platform. Arkkosoft allows telecommunications providers to transform operative processes, reach high levels of organizational growth and significantly improve the quality of customer service offers.

Arkkosoft collaborates with telecommunications corporations using the new 5G technologies, aware of your challenges with the traditional management of processes, already overburdened by the quick growth and large volume of operative processes; Arkkosoft optimizes data management, cost control, the business’ speed, the acquisition of talent, and the development of new services.

Arkkosoft’s specialized software integration services make it possible for companies to adopt new technologies easily to handle their commercial processes. Arkkosoft helps you meet the challenges that arise from the transition between your applications and current systems, and from the complex process of software implementation. Arkkosoft’s talented computer engineers take care of all integration and implementation risks and obstacles, including the architectural design, the test process, depuration, implementation, and evolutive support.

Arkkosoft’s dedicated development team has accrued years of multidisciplinary experience in telecommunications, personalized telecommunication programming solutions, mobile and network applications, omnichannel solutions, OSS/BSS solutions, VolP services, and automatic learning algorithms.

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Arkkosoft walks you through the process towards digital transformation


Arkkosoft walks you through the process towards digital transformation

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