The digital ID is a practical tool that provides easy and quick access to various data and functions.

Digital ID

The digital ID stands out for being more practical and facilitating greater access to data and many functions

It is a digital solution or app, which improves communication between the entity and the people who are part of its target audience, also allows access to information, services and making payments, with high security standards

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It’s targeted at professional associations, universities, colleges and schools and any institution that wishes to improve the identification process of all those who are part of their institution.

The app (the digital solution)

Utilize a digital ID, which consists of a tool that will validate the person through a unique QR code assigned by the system and associated with the institution’s database and which, through validations with its platform, guarantees that the bearer of this digital ID is really who he/she claims to be and that the document is validated under all the security standards that technology offers today. 

This tool seeks to reduce dependence on physical documents and increase efficiency in the identity validation process. Additionally, through this tool also associated with the institution’s portal, people will be able to obtain information of interest, request online services offered by their institution, access promotions, file consultation, request certifications, pay subscriptions, recurring payments, and others will have a payment method included.

It may also, if it is in the interest of the entity, allow people to reserve meeting rooms, gym, medical appointments, among others, if these are within the services offered by the institution. It is important to indicate that the app can be customized according to the needs of each client.

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Arkkosoft walks you through the process towards digital transformation


Arkkosoft walks you through the process towards digital transformation

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