Discover how Arkkosoft offers high-quality Service Desk services for multinational companies. Read our article for more information.

Leave your service desk in our hands

Leave your service desk in our hands | Arkkosoft
Discover how Arkkosoft offers high-quality Service Desk services for multinational companies. Read our article for more information.

Arkkosoft, all over its more than 20 years of existence, has been characterized by providing each client with the quality and attention they deserve, and this is no exception with the service desk service.


For approximately 2.3 years, the service desk of a multinational company (we reserve the name due to Confidentiality Agreement) has been served, with more than 40,000 employees worldwide and from Costa Rica around 3700 people are served and managed in average 3,000 tickets per month, both in Spanish and English.


In the words of Arkkosoft’s associates who attend this platform, the service provided is defined as “the global service desk, where we have contact with collaborators around the world with 24/7 availability. Through us, all access requests for the various internal systems are directed, and first-level technical support is also provided to attend to and mitigate the daily incidents of customers”.


Among the main characteristics of the service provided are:

  • Provide attention through mail, chat and telephone calls.
  • Manage the creation, assignment, escalation, monitoring and execution of tickets for the attention of user interactions.
  • Provide level 1 technical support, for daily incidents Windows, printers, Networking, VPN, etc.
  • Access control administration, one of our main functions is the creation, administration and deletion of users in the various internal systems of the client, requested through forms complying with internal audit and client policies.
  • Control and monitoring of Service Agreements.

Combined with all this, Arkkosoft always offers added value to its clients, as it tries at all times to adapt to their needs, such as during this time it has assumed the administration of new applications that are part of the day to day, reducing the load to its client.


“The efficient management that is offered since the Services Desk service is provided 24/7, and the client can feel sure that when they have a problem there will be someone who will assist them in various ways regardless of the time,” says Mairon Martínez, associate of this service.


For our collaborators it has also been a satisfactory experience because it has allowed them both professional and personal growth. “It is an improving experience since as a Services Desk we face various situations that make us grow as a person and as a team. It offers us several challenges that make us grow as professionals”, explains Alonso Fajardo.


Meanwhile, José Calderón indicates “despite the fact that new things are learned every working day, the main thing has been how to control work, dedicating time to each task without delaying other activities.”


In this way, Arkkosoft guarantees that your service desk will be at the best, with a high-level professional team but above all dedicated and devoted to their work.


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