“Technological Government Projects” between Costa Rica and El Salvador Workshop.

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“Technological Government Projects” between Costa Rica and El Salvador Workshop.

 “Technological Government Projects” between Costa Rica and El Salvador Workshop

With a clear message of knowledge transfer, the “Projects of Technological Governments” Workshop was held virtually on November 11th, with the participation of El Salvador’s towns halls.

Organized by the Costa Rican Embassy in El Salvador, ICMA (International City/County Management Association) and Arkkosoft, this workshop offered different perspectives on how technology can support having more transparent Governments and at the service of the citizens.

Mrs. Lina Ajoy, Costa Rica’s Ambassador in El Salvador, Mrs. Isabelle Bully-Omictin, Cinthya Flores from ICMA, Mr. Jonathan Ortiz and Mr. Gilbert Calvo from Arkkosoft’s Commercial Management, attended.

In this context, ICMA and Arkkosoft presented the projects developed in Costa Rica, as a source of information and experience for the municipalities of El Salvador, including:

  • Public Procurement Observatory of Costa Rica

It promotes greater interaction between the Government and the citizens, thus obtaining better accountability and greater transparency.


  • Municipal Observatory

This project includes all the municipalities of Costa Rica through a web portal, where it is possible to replicate the best practices of one municipality to another, looking for all of them to grow and provide better conditions to their localities.


  • Coexistence Observatory

A project developed between the Municipalities and the Judicial Investigation Agency in Costa Rica, where work is being done to reduce the rates of violence in each city.

  • Cantonal Observatory

The status of each of the cities.

  • Covid19 Observatory

It allows each municipality to monitor the state of the pandemic in their area.

In addition to this, other topics were discussed, such as:

  • Technological solutions: how data intelligence can collaborate in collection efforts, social development and employment.
  • Data governance: digitization of information, digital procedures, predictability, allow having more efficient governments.
  • Open Governments: where citizen participation is one of the pillars of any government at the service of the people.

In this way, it is expected to encourage but, above all, to cooperate so that the entire Central American region grows and the first crops are consolidated where the citizen comes first for every government.

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