Discover what blockchain technology is and how it works. Learn about its uses, advantages, and how it can benefit society.


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Discover what blockchain technology is and how it works. Learn about its uses, advantages, and how it can benefit society.

We have been hearing the term blockchain for a long time, but understanding what it is and how it works is essential in current times. A blockchain is a technology that allows the creation of secure and immutable digital records that can be shared between different users without the need for an intermediary.

We could also explain it as a type of distributed database made up of blocks, which are linked together by a cryptographic signature that guarantees the integrity and authenticity of the data.

Blockchain technology is based on three fundamental concepts:

  • Decentralization: it means that there is no central authority that controls the network, but that all nodes have the same weight and can validate transactions.

  • Transparency: means that all transactions are public and can be seen by anyone.

  • Security: it is achieved through the use of cryptography and mathematical algorithms that guarantee the integrity of the data and prevent its manipulation.

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In this way, we can explain that there are several types of blockchains, but the two main ones are:

Public blockchain

On a public blockchain, anyone can join the network and participate in validating transactions. Bitcoin is an example of a public blockchain.

Private blockchain

On a private blockchain, only a select group of people can join the network and participate in validating transactions. Private blockchains are often used by businesses and government organizations.

In addition to these two main types, there are also hybrid blockchains that combine features of public and private blockchains.

Blockchains have many potential uses in different industries, such as:


Cryptocurrencies are the best-known application of blockchain technology. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency and uses the blockchain to record all transactions.

Smart contracts

Smart contracts are computer programs that run automatically when certain conditions are met. Blockchain technology allows the creation and execution of smart contracts in a secure and decentralized manner.

Digital identity

It can be used to create secure and decentralized digital identity systems.

Property registration

It is used to create secure and decentralized property registries.

Electronic voting

You can create secure and transparent electronic voting systems.

Although the blockchain has many advantages, it also has some disadvantages that we cannot fail to mention, because they must be given proper attention. Some of the disadvantages of this technology are:


Blockchain technology can be slow and expensive compared to other database systems.

Energy consumption

Cryptocurrency mining and validating transactions on a blockchain can consume a lot of energy.

Lack of regulation

The lack of regulation in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space can lead to a lack of protection for consumers.


This technology can be difficult to understand for people who do not have experience in the field.

We are sure that the blockchain is here to stay and when used positively it will bring great benefits to society.


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