Business Intelligence Solutions and Data Analyst


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Identify needs, find the purpose of implementing a solution, define what is required to deliver a business solution, how to build it, define its scope and when, oriented to Project management.


  • Comply with corporate policies.
  • Comply with the standards and methodologies defined for the project.
  • Comply with the tasks assigned by the immediate supervisor within the established term.
  • Analysis and design of the system.
  • Alert any situation that threatens performance of their functions.

Job profile

Academic level: Computer Engineer/Systems/Software or related field.

Work experience: At least 2 years of experience in similar positions.


  • Proactive
  • Responsible
  • Punctual
  • Ease of communication
  • Results Oriented
  • Results oriented
  • Teamwork

Required Training

  • Database management.
  • Microsoft SQL.
  • Master Data Services.
  • Tableau Server.
  • Office 365° platform
  • Knowledge in other business Frameworks.

Technical knowledge

  • Advanced SQL language (PL-SQL or T-SQL).
  • Design and construction of OLTP, OLAP and ROLAP data models.
  • Implementation of OLAP Cubes.
  • Architecture of Business Intelligence solutions.
  • Analysis of data.
  • Data presentation.
  • Data quality control.
  • Basic knowledge in service-oriented programming.
  • Generic business concepts (ERP) and banking.
  • Knowledge in computer data management platform.
  • Tableau Desktop.
  • Knowledge of MS Azure.
  • Data modeling and data visualization knowledge.

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Business Intelligence Solutions and Data Analyst


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